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Dear Student-Athletes

Dear Student-Athletes, in the wake of George Floyd… You Have a Voice at Boost As a gym/private school owner I wear different hats with my student-athletes.  As a certified strength and conditioning specialist my job is to provide science based programs to improve athletic performance.  As a coach, I need to motivate my athletes to […]

What to do if you aren’t Seeing Improvement

Here at the Boost Performance Center in Corona CA, we know that any good strength & conditioning coach (such as myself *wink*) is constantly looking at the data derived from their athletes in order to drive results: How much has an athlete’s speed improved? Have they gotten stronger? What asymmetries may exist? Injury history? Overall […]

Notice: Boost Performance Center Temporarily Closed

To Boost athletes, parents, friends, and community members –  Ray and I hope this message finds you and your families well. It seems every few days we’re hit with a new wave of guidelines and recommendations for how businesses and the public can manage our way through this COVID-19 landscape. We have a tentative reopen […]

5 Simple Ways to Add Variety to Your Training

Let’s be straight here, training to improve speed, power, and strength isn’t easy.  It’s a simple concept that to get faster you run more and to get stronger you lift more, but it’s definitely not easy.  While many unique variables exist for each athlete, the amount of time and effort required to see real gains […]

Why Off-Season Training is Crucial for All Athletes

Once upon a time, when I was a kid (only a measly 20yrs ago) we played baseball during baseball season, football during football season, and soccer during soccer season.  Being a multi sport athlete was far from rare, and young athletes had the opportunity to work on different facets of their athleticism by playing different […]

5 Tips for Proper Athletic Diets

One of the more tedious but crucial aspects of performance training is properly fueling our bodies.  This can at times be the missing piece to improved performance for so many athletes, but many misconceptions exist when it comes to a proper diet.   Most athletes’ level of understanding exists on a spectrum where one side […]

5 Dynamic Warmups for Speed & Agility Training

At our facility, the Boost Performance Center in Corona, CA, we work on a variety of different movements athletes will use when participating in their sport.  When people think of Speed Training linear (straight ahead) speed is typically what comes to mind. But a good speed development program will also incorporate agility and change of […]