Price List

Annual Registration Fees

$15 per child or $25 per family

Speed Training

Package 1

1 x Week

$72.00 per month

package 2

2 x Week

$128.00 per month

package 3

3 x Week

$180.00 per month


Based on class availability


Strength Training

package 4

1 x Week

$80.00 per month

package 5

2 x Week

$152.00 per month

package 6

3 x Week

$216.00 per month


Based on class availability


Nutrition Planning

One-Time Plan

An individualized and detailed nutrition plan.


Monthly plans

Coaching and accountability with monthly adjustments.

$45.00 (1st month) + $25.00 per month

Performance Testing


Our training programs are based on enrollment, not attendance.

Important Payment Information
  1. Payments are due by the 1st of the upcoming month.
  2. No refunds.
  3. Strength & speed classes are booked separately.
Make-Up Class Information
  1. One make-up class per child, per month.
  2. Classes must be canceled at least 5 hours in advance (email
  3. Once a make-up class is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled.
  4. Make-up classes are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays based on class availability.