We train for a variety of youth sports and ensure that our athletes are ready to try out or perform for their sport of choice. Programs include speed training, sports training, and agility training, as well as weight loss and athletic training for adults. Read below to learn more about all of our performance training programs. All ages, all sports.

Performance training available for youth (10 and under), middle school (11-13), high school (14 and over), collegiate, & professional athletes.

Maximum ratio:

(Strength) 1 coach per 9 athletes (Movement) 1 coach per 12 athletes

First come, first serve basis; preregistration closes when class is full.

Class schedules will be set in each of the Fall, Winter, and Summer blocks.

Programs Designed For:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track & Endurance
  • Volleyball
  • Youth Fitness

Strength Complexes – Designed for sport specificity, this program is for athletes looking to build a solid base of strength, size, and or power. Complexes are one hour in length, and begins and ends with trunk and spine work (core). We split our complexes into lower, and upper body days, or full body depending on an athlete’s schedule.

(Beginner/Intermediate Ages 13-, Advanced Ages 14+, 9 athletes per complex max)

Movement Complexes – Comprised of linear, lateral, multi-directional, circular, and backward movement days. Each complex is 1 hour in length and includes dynamic warm-up, plyometrics, movement technique & application.

(Beginner/Intermediate Ages 13-, Advanced Ages 14+, 12 athletes per complex max)

Youth Fitness Club – In partnership with the City of Corona, the Youth Fitness Club is designed for all young athletes regardless if they participate in organized or team sports.  The goal of this program is to help the youth have fun, get fit, and create the habits of healthy exercise! Ages 8-13

Team Contracts – Contact Boost if you are a team or club looking for a facility to partner with.  Boost Training will work in conjunction with your coaches to help get your athletes reach team goals.  This can be on-site where a Boost trainer comes to your practice or facility, OR a 1-2 hour slot for your team only in the gym.

Sport programs designed for grades 4th-H.S.

Female Athletes – While all sessions are co-ed, check out our girl only strength and speed sessions on Tues/Thurs.

***While each complex is described individually, depending on the goal of the athlete it may be best to enroll in both programs as they complement and build of one another. This is the best and surest way to ensure improved athletic performance***