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What Makes BASS a Unique Experience?
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About Us

Boost Alternative School for Student-Athletes (BASS) is an unique, all-boys private middle school (grades 7th – 8th) located in Southern California. Unlike traditional public or online homeschool settings, BASS methodology incorporates discipline, accountability, and effort to push student-athletes out of their comfort zone and into new levels of achievement and growth.

Discipline: The willingness to do any and everything necessary to move you closer to your goals. High performing student-athletes consistently give 100% even when they don’t feel like it.

Accountability: Hold yourself accountable to your results by taking responsibility for your actions. High performers don’t make excuses or blame others for poor outcomes. 

Correct Effort: High performing student-athletes know exactly where they are going and make sure all their actions consistently move them in the right direction, this is true for academics and athletics.

Our Values

Tomorrow’s Leaders: We cultivate a culture where every student is driven by their own personal goals in order to reach their personal best.  Helping our students persist in their mission despite frustrations, and understand the importance of delayed gratification are key elements to individuals who reach high stations in life.

Educational Technology: As technology advancements grow at an exponential rate and become a part of our daily lives, students must move forward through their educational years seeking to understand and master the use of technology. EdTech allows students to experience new and exciting ways of learning and have real-time collaboration with teachers and peers.

Empowerment through Maturity: The BASS program emphasizes productivity by helping students channel their emotions and activities in the service of their goals.  Through collaborative learning in the classroom and teamwork in our fitness programs the development of interpersonal skills are important. Communicating effectively and building fruitful relationships are necessary to be effective in any endeavor in life.  

Meet Our Team

Michelle Dang
Director of Academic Development

BSTA Certified Secondary Educator
English CSET Certification
Master’s in Education
Bachelor’s in Political Science & History- Cal Baptist University

Michelle is a vital part of the BASS team who brings her 10+ years of teaching knowledge and a passion for educating young students to the program.  She is responsible for developing a unique and innovative education curriculum that emphasizes BASS learning initiatives.

Ray Bass
Director of Athletic Development

Owner, Boost Training Systems LLC
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Bommarito Performance Level 1&2 Certified
USA Weightlifting (USAW)
Functional Movement Specialist (FMS)
Bachelor’s of Arts, Social Science-San Diego State University

As a former Division I & professional football player with 10 years of training and developing athletes, coach Bass brings energy and expertise to deliver cutting edge athletic development plans for BASS students.

Stacie Bass
Instructor/Director of Operations

Owner, Boost Training Systems LLC
Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications-San Diego State University

Stacie has been an instructor with BASS since our inception in 2017.  She brings compassion and professionalism to the classroom, and sets high expectations for her students.

What Makes BASS a Unique Experience?

Academics: BASS offers a rigorous academic program focused on quality over quantity where every student receives the attention they need to thrive academically. Students are encouraged to find their authentic voice in their own education; to grow and realize the potential of their own journey as a learner.

  • Development of analytical skills
  • Relevant and applicable curriculum
  • Technology integration
  • Small class size
  • Peer assessment
  • Applied BrainologyⓇ Growth Mindset curriculum

Community Service: Giving back to the community through service is a requirement of the program.  BASS students will participate in at least 1 community service event each trimester.

Fitness:  The strength & conditioning program at BASS is designed to help students discover their strengths as athletes, setting a base to reach their full potential. Our tailored fitness programs are aimed at:

  • Adding lean muscle mass
  • Strength development 
  • Power development
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Speed/Agility development

Nutrition: Our student-athletes learn nutrition principles they can take with them for life.  Some of the goals of our nutrition program include:

  • Understanding macronutrients 
  • How to eat as athlete/fitness enthusiast
  • What types of macronutrients should be consumed
  • How to use food logs
  • The importance of a well rounded diet

Understanding how and what to eat is the first step in developing a healthy relationship to food. At BASS we look to bridge the gap between a healthy diet, and physical activity in order to build habits for a fit lifestyle.

Is BASS a Good Fit for Your Student-Athlete?

The schedule of a student-athlete can be hectic, demanding, and at times overwhelming.  BASS aims at helping students find balance so they excel both academically and athletically. With that being said, BASS was designed for families and students who are athletically inclined.  The families and students who fit best at BASS typically include the following:

  • Need alternative schedules to accommodate athletic goals (i.e. training during the day)
  • Students who need more physical & emotional growth before high school
  • A love for fitness, and athletic performance
  • Looking for a challenging school experience
  • Those wanting smaller class sizes, with like minded peers.

Boost Alternative School for Student-Athletes (BASS)


500 Harrington St. Unit C1

Corona, CA 92880