Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. We make sure each of our customers and clients get only the best from Boost. We encourage reviews and are passionate about creating an experience that will help our young athletes and adults alike to feel empowered to perform at their best for their sport or training.

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“The best most tangible results”

When I tell you that Coach Ray rolls out results, believe me! He helped my son put on a healthy, much needed 20 lbs over the summer as he entered his Freshman year as a football player (center).  My son trained at a few centers and Boost by far has produced the best most tangible results for him.  His individual attention while he trains is 2nd to none.  Every athletes needs differ so I invite you to check out Boost when shopping around for speed and strength training.

— S.C., parent of Boost members since 2013


Boost is an amazing speed and strength program, it has given my son & daughter the edge they’ve needed to take them to the next level in their athleticism. The training they have received has given them the confidence to compete at a very high level. I’ve noticed a significant change in my daughters cheering performance, my son is more focused and attentive on the football field. Boost is a family friendly sports program for all ages, they build athletes and character for on the field and off the field. I’m very pleased with the skills my kids have learned from this program.

— D.S., parent of Boost members since 2013

“Excellent… positive”

The Boost Program has been such an integral component of my son’s athletic success and his development as a person. He’s father, more coordinated and his footwork is up there with the high school football kids. He started as an uncoordinated and slow 10 year old. He’s developed into a fast and agile athlete that it’s night and day from when he started the Boost program. Coach Ray does an excellent job of communicating his high expectations to his athletes while at the same time maintaining a positive experience for the kids to grow and develop. We are so happy to have our son participate with Boost. The program has also helped my son learn respect on and off the field and develop a hard work ethic that will help him with high school sports and life. Thank you Boost!!

— M.D., parent of Boost member since 2013


Give your child every chance to succeed on the athletic field, send them to BOOST. In today’s completive world of youth sports, having athletic talent is simply not enough.   For the last 3 years we have entrusted Ray Bass and his Boost training program to help develop our son both mentally and physically. You will not find a more comprehensive program than BOOST training on the market that covers speed, agility, weight training, and nutrition. There are a thousand other programs out there but what separates Ray from the rest is his dedication to developing the individual. Ray worked on specific weak areas and further developed my son’s strengths. He didn’t try to shove him into a pre-set program where you are nothing more than a paycheck which is what you will find at other programs. The result after 3 years of working specifically with Ray and his BOOST program is clear, our son is starting for the Freshman Centennial football team. Ray Bass and Boost prepared our son and provided him the critical foundation to help him compete against the very best in his class.

— D.B., parent of Boost member since 2013


Boost Training has made a remarkable difference in the performance, skill, and ability of both my boys… Thanks Ray for taking the time to share your talent.  You are a real blessing!

— C.R., parent of Boost member since 2012


My son participated in Coach Ray’s speed, agility, and weight training earlier this year.  It was the best move & decision made as an incoming freshman into high school.  My son is a lineman whose growth spurt came out of nowhere.  In training with Coach Bass his footwork improved, his physical build enhanced greatly for upper body strength that I see my son confidently using on the football field today… The part I enjoyed most is Coach Bass didn’t babysit my boy.  He always kept it real & got on my son about everything he was being lazy about because he knew that my boy was capable of so much better.  Coach Ray trusts & believes in his athletes, and brings out the very best in them.

— N.T., parent of Boost member since 2015

“One of the best”

Our son has been training with Coach Ray Bass for the last few years. We can truly say Coach Bass is one of the best. While providing top notch training and instruction, Coach Bass pushes and encourages athletes of all ages to be their best. Our son has gained so much confidence and we’ve seen him get quicker and faster every year.

— J.S., parent of Boost member since 2015