movement training

Movement Training

At the Boost Performance Center we believe that the key to developing athleticism begins with a solid foundation of movement efficiency. We work on different movements daily in order to provide some degree of variety to our athletes, and to keep them balanced. Working on the same movement patterns daily can lead to overuse injuries, and muscle asymmetries. We keep things interesting, while staying consistent. Here are the different movements we program for speed & agility:

  • Acceleration- Improving athletes running mechanics through proper arm action and developing the piston type action our legs demonstrate when accelerating. Low body position, and get offs are also important here as well.
  • Lateral movement- Shuffling and lateral running are crucial skills athletes use on the court or the field. Moving quickly side to side, and being able to change direction efficiently out of these movements are important here.
  • Backward movements- Back pedaling and backwards running are coached here, and the ability to break at 0, 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees. The ability to pivot out of a backpedal are coached here as well, as is first step mechanics and body position.
  • Forward multidirectional- Here athletes work on their ability to cut, linearly change direction and develop circular speed. Hip mobility plays a huge role here as does footwork.
  • Max speed/top end speed- Learning how to effectively execute the cyclical pattern our legs display once a sprinter hits top speed (20yds +) is developed here. We also take time to activate our athletes core musculature as this is particularly important during top speed to prevent rotation of the trunk and spine.

Developing speed and agility is a step by step process that begins with good form. Yes developing strength and power are also very important components but without efficient movements force production can be lost, leading to less expression of strength and power during movement. At Boost we consistently coach these movement patterns to develop skilled athletes who above all, move well.

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