Speed training

Speed Training

Acceleration:  We help our athletes go 0 to 60 as fast as possible by teaching them the proper piston-like action our legs exhibit when accelerating.  We also spend time teaching correct starting techniques from 2 or 3 point starts. Having a low center of gravity is crucial to acceleration so helping athletes understand and work on maintaining good body position over a short distance is critical.

While being able to start quickly and cover a short distance as fast as possible is the staple of accelerating, being able to hit the breaks or decelerate is equally important.  The more efficiently an athlete can decelerate, the better they can reaccelerate. We teach our athletes how to lower their shoulders and stop on a dime so they can effectively change direction, or get going again.

Acceleration is crucial for all sports requiring running, especially those where athletes need to have explosive get offs, quick changes of direction, or continuous stopping and starting. (Track, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Cross Country)

Max Speed:  Also called absolute speed or top-end speed, it’s broken down as the phase of running after acceleration.  We teach max speed by training our athletes to quickly elevate their feet off the ground and getting their heels to pull to the glutes in order to maximize hip flexion.  Next, we coach our athletes to step around and over the knees, and finally prepping for ground contact with a claw-like action of the foot. The goal is to provide training that helps our athletes become mechanically sound in their running to be as efficient as impossible.

Max Speed is great for athletes who need to cover large distances in their sport quickly at 100% effort. (Track, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Softball)

Agility & Coordination: Comprised of lateral, forward multidirectional, circular, and backward movement.  We take a well-rounded approach with our agility training in order to help athletes become more fluid in different aspects of movement they’ll see in their sport.  Lowering the center of gravity, braking, cutting, and change of direction are all coached here.

Great for athletes who need to change direction in their sport (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis)

Plyometric Training: Also referred to as jump training, plyos are all about quickly producing as much force as possible in a short amount of time. Often this can be the difference maker for an athlete.  Like our agility training, we work plyometrics in many different modalities whether it be a linear, lateral, multidirectional, or single leg. Be it on the turf or in the weight room, plyometrics are programmed into every session, every day here at the Boost Performance Center.

Plyometrics are appropriate for all athletes who need to be explosive and jump higher in their sport (Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Track, Rugby, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball)

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