Nutrition Planning

We take an educational approach to nutrition here at the Boost Performance Center.  Our goal is to teach our athletes nutrition principles that can be used throughout life.  Based off the extensive research and principles of renowned dietician Susan Kliener and her groundbreaking book, “Power Eating” athletes will partake in a nutrition course presented by Coach Ray Bass C.S.C.S., where they learn the following:

What are Macronutrients?

  • Athletes will learn the essentials of carbohydrates, proteins, & fats.

What macronutrients are important for providing energy during workouts?

  • The critical role quality carbohydrates play to provide the energy necessary to push harder during workouts.

How macronutrients manufacture muscle in our bodies

  • The metabolic effect carbohydrates, protein, and fats have on the body when consumed at the right time.

How many calories should be consumed daily?

  • Depending on their goals, athletes need to be in a caloric surplus, deficit, or simply be sure they’re eating enough to maintain energy levels with their current workload.

The importance of proper hydration and how much water needs to be consumed daily

  • How water is important to the production of energy in the body, and therefore necessary for strength development.

The synergistic effect supplements can have on a proper diet

  • The best methods to effectively incorporate supplements into a well-rounded diet.

How to use certain types of nutritional supplements

  • How and when to take certain supplements such as protein, creatine, and carbohydrates.

The ideal body composition for peak athletic performance

  • Why an athlete’s goal needs to be the pursuit of high muscle mass and low body fat.

Coach Bass sets calorie intake guidelines for each individual athlete.  Depending on the sport, sex, time of the year, and goals of a particular athlete our nutrition programs are tailored to athletes looking to achieve the following:

Add lean muscle

  • For athletes looking to gain quality mass without adding extra body fat.

Maintain current physique

  • For athletes who may be in-season, or lack the time to get into the gym. This plan will make sure an athlete does not lose muscle or add too much body fat, keeping them exactly where they need to be.

Lose body fat

  • This plan emphasizes lowering an athlete’s body fat percentage without sacrificing muscle, which is needed to maintain high performance.


  • For athletes who participate in a variety of fitness activities. This plan is for endurance athletes who strength train to enhance power.

Get cut

  • Athletes may need to lean out for a competition.

Learn how & what athletes need to eat to maintain high performance

  • Understand how supplements work, and get access to some of the highest-rated supplements on the market.
  • All nutritional guidance is backed by the latest science and research.

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