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How Can I Find Youth Training Programs in My Area?

Finding local youth training programs can be a very complex or sometimes complicated process for parents.  First, While most performance gyms offer training for a wide variety of ages, there aren’t many that provide a space that’s exclusively for your athletes’ age.  Secondly, parents want to make sure that the organization that they find is the right fit.  While a quick google search can help you find an organization in your area, it’s important to pop in and see the gym for yourself while keeping a few thoughts in mind.

There might be many training programs in your area but finding one that has a space for your child’s age group is important for 2 reasons:

  1. Youth athletes of all ages exist on a continuum, meaning some are more advanced than others. With that in mind, some may need more basic movements to master while others may be ready for drills that are more complex.  There’s still variation in skill level amongst athletes of the same age but at least having them together will ensure they are receiving training that they are ready for. This can help them build confidence and receive the volume of work that they need to see results
  2. When younger youth athletes are mixed with older ones, it’s almost certain that more attention is given to the older athletes.

Finding a gym that’s the right fit for your athlete is equally important. If you’re looking for services such as strength training you need to make sure the coaches are qualified, and their values are aligned with yours.  If you don’t feel comfortable with your youth athlete participating in certain exercises, or you’re not in agreement with their approach it may not be the best fit for you.

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